Free Your Voice: Open Body Through Open Sound (Jan 2013)

Free Your Voice:
Open Body Through Open Sound

Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, pioneer in sound healing,
is an award-winning composer, former music psychotherapist, author, and recording artist. On the faculty of CIIS, she is also founding director of Vox Mundi School of Voice.

Barbara Voinar is a yoga teacher of extraordinary depth, integrating Siddha, Iyengar, Anusara yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. Through her love of chanting and medi- tation, she has collaborated with many gifted teachers.

Experience the magic as your voice connects you to your true energetic and emotional nature. Feel music clearing and opening energetic channels, becoming a gateway for divination and love.

This workshop will refine the singing voice through yogic and shamanic practices, integrating the rejuvenating power of sound and chanting, gentle yoga and mindfulness. Free from conditioning, the voice soars, listens, receives, and releases healing frequencies and songs—the body lovingly coaxed to release tension, open the breath, and experience openness and radiance.

Through the guidance of these exceptional teachers, you will develop you spiritual practice of the yoga of the voice and gain a repertoire of chants to use in your sessions.

Info/Registration: • (707) 779-8202

$295 EarlyBird Fee through January 28, 2013 Meals included. Lodging is extra.
11 Continuing Education Units available

EarthRise Center at Institute of Noetic Sciences, 101 San Antonio Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 • 707-779-8202