San Cristobel 2010

san cristoAn Colonial City Yoga Retreat in

San Cristobal de las Casas

March 13-19, 2010

San Cristobal is probably the safest and cleanest city in Mexico to enjoy travel in. A real undiscovered gem, located in the highlands of Chiapas, San Cristobal is filled with colonial architecture, colorful cathedrals, vibrant outdoor markets with local vendors and artisans selling everything from spices to weavings. San Cristobal’s diverse selection of excellent restaurants offer many culinary delights and reflects a vibrant night life featuring music from the best local musicians.

The rich tapestry of city life offers numerous choices to enjoy your free time. There are several museums of which, Casa Na-Bolom (House of the Jaguar) is considered the finest Museum of Mayan cultural antiquities. Excursions will be offered to the distinctive local villages, ancient archeological ruins, and the many areas of natural beauty surrounding San Cristobal. One afternoon will offer us the opportunity to participate in the healing experience of a traditional Temescal . The name temazcal or sweat bath consist of two Aztec & Nahuatl words, temas meaning bath and calli meaning house. Temescals continue to be made much the same as they were 500 years ago. Be sure to pack a bathing suit.

Our hosts in San Cristobal

New Orleans native Teresa Berlioz moved to San Cristobal 7 years ago from Berkeley, CA. Since her move to San Cristobal, she has deeply immersed herself in the local community and culture through teaching and philanthropic work. Teresa’s enthusiasm and love of San Cristobal creates a unique opportunity for us to experience the city’s best through local eyes of appreciation. Teresa will be your contact person for any questions you have regarding your stay in San Cristobal.

Teresa Berlioz

Kate Waters is the owner of Shaktipat Yoga Studio, which will serve as our yoga haven. Kate’s beautiful command of the Spanish language will guide and glide us through our exciting excursions in San Cristobal.

Barbara Voinar will guide us in our daily yoga practice to cajole the body into its wonderful range of movement. Our practice will naturally evolve in response to the effects and influences of being in a different environment. The continuity of our daily practice holds us as a community and supports us to stay grounded and centered, drawing us into a journey of discovery and exploration of the richness of each day. In the afternoons Barbara will guide a practice that will restore and refresh.

Class Schedule

Classes are structure to accommodate mixed levels of yoga experience, yet arriving for a retreat with some knowledge of yoga is essential. Practices begin with a gentle approach of inquiry into the asanas with slow stretching and mindful breathing. The practice steadily progresses bringing awareness to alignment in standing and balancing poses, developing patience and stamina in holding poses, and flexibility and fluidity in more active vinyasa sequences. Culminating with deep relaxation and meditation. Classes are held Sunday – Friday at 7:30-9:30AM and 5:00-7PM.

Registration: San Cristobal de Las Casas

The cost of $800 includes Yoga, Hotel, Breakfast. The price is for double occupancy room. A single room can be arranged at additional cost.
A deposit of $500 must be received by Dec. 30,2009 to secure lower rate. $300 of deposit is refundable until Dec. 30th, no refunds thereafter. Double room rates cannot be guaranteed unless a similar request is made.

Send room registration info and check payable to
Barbara Voinar 4thStreetYoga 1809C Fourth St., Berkeley, CA 94710. Contact